100 LP Outer Sleeves – 3 Mil Clear Polyethylene

  • Whether your LP records are in their original shrink-wrap, and especially if they’re not, protect them with a 3 mil polyethylene clear sleeve. As a dealer with more than 25 years experience these are the industry standard sleeves for protecting your album covers. Collectors and dealers alike have been using 3 mil polyethylene sleeves for over 30 years.
  • These sleeves are manufactured in the USA under stringent quality control guidelines.
  • The seams are extra strong and will not split under normal use.
  • 12 5/8 x 12 5/8 size allows for a nice fit for single LP covers and a more snug fit for gatefold and double LP covers.  Note the McCartney cover shown in the pictures is a gatefold cover.
  • These sleeves go a little bit above the top edge of standard LP covers so that there is protection all around. In other words the top of your LP cover will not be at the edge of the sleeve or outside of it. See the close-up of the Tim Buckley LP cover image.
  • 3 mil thickness with high clarity polyethylene to both protect and exhibit your album covers.
  • Please do not confuse these with the usually thinner 2 mil polypropylene sleeves which are thinner and have more of a propensity for seam splits.