(100) Outer Sleeves for 45 rpm 7 inch records– 3 Mil Clear Polyethylene

  • Whether your 45 rpm records have picture sleeves or not, protect them with a 3 mil polyethylene clear sleeve. As a dealer with more than 25 years experience these are the industry standard sleeves for protecting your 7 inch singles. Collectors and dealers alike have been using 3 mil polyethylene sleeves for over 30 years.
  • These sleeves are manufactured in the USA under stringent quality control guidelines.
  • The seams are extra strong and will not split under normal use.
  • 7 1/2 x 7 5/8 size allows for a nice fit for single 45s and a more snug fit for Double 45s in gatefold picture sleeve covers.
  • These sleeves go a little above the top edge to accommodate any size variances in 7″ picture sleeves and to thumb thru without touching the picture sleeves.
  • 3 mil thickness with high clarity polyethylene to both protect and exhibit your 45 collection.
  • Please do not confuse these with the usually thinner 2 mil polypropylene sleeves which are thinner and have more of a propensity for seam splits.