COMMENTS: Please note I don’t generally deal in 78 RPMs, and I’m auctioning this for a friend. The record has lots of scuffs and scratches, and and area (see picture) on the outer rim that’s chipped, there is still enough groove to start the record before the music begins. I have provided a sound clip from the record below with a sample from both sides. I played both sides through and they play without skipping. I have a turntable that plays various speeds including 78 RPMs, however what you are listening to is the record with a regular stylus for LPs and 45 RPMs, so I don’t know if this is affecting the sound quality or not.  I have the proper mailers for 78 RPMs, cardboard, and bubblewrap, record will be double boxed and insured.  I pack meticulously and have been dealing in vinyl for over 25 years.


LABEL: Columbia 30152
FORMAT: 78 rpm, 10 inch record
YEAR: 1949

Side 1 Picking My Tomatoes

Side 2 Me and My Dog Blues